Friday, September 21, 2007

Deep thoughts for Friday

art (c) Jessie Wilcox Smith
I began today feeling very drained and exhausted, I have been struggling with allergies which turned into a sinus infection which turned then into the flu. I have a very demanding life, seeing to the demands of six children, seven if you count my dear husband and those from the outside world. Sometimes I feel so bombarded that I just want to flee...though not a drinking woman I contemplate a hotel room, a spa and lots of wine. I know that about 3 hours into that seemingly blissful exit from reality, I'd then get all sappy from the wine and pine away for my family and come back. So what's the fun in that?

A much less expensive way for me to have an escape is this, get hubby to watch kids, or atleast be warm body on the couch to make them THINK he's in charge, take two benadryl and some excedrin. You get way loopy for a lot less cash. Go into your bedroom, turn on music, lock the door, lay down with a bright light over you and pretend you're at the beach. heck even lay on a towel and toss a bit of sand around so that your rest is all gritty like the beach, crank up a heater..whatever it takes. A few hours later you've napped off the benadryl, had a little exit from "life" and feel like a new person.

Who says I can't be thrifty??


amy flege said...

haha....better not forget the wave machine... at least then you could pretend you are the ocean too!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Oh! I hope your feeling better soon!

Amanda said...

LOL Kitty, you're WAY more creative than I am. My "escape from reality" involves more "hiding" from the children, rather than having DH "watch" them. My "sunny beach" is a dark bedroom, under the covers, ignoring the pounding on the door, for at least 2 minutes. Haha