Monday, September 24, 2007

Vintage lunchbox, year unknown

Tiddly winks, I LOVED to play Tiddly Winks but my Mom got sick of picking all those little pieces up that we managed to fling under the couch or behind the stairs or down the furnace register. She finally hid them in her wardrobe in her unmentionables and announced she hid them and we'd have to ask for them and she'd have to bring them to us to be used with supervision. Since Mom hid seemingly everything known to man in that wardrobe we weren't too worried. During an afternoon "nap" I was supposed to be having I was in Mom's room and my sister in our room. My sister snuck in and we got out those Tiddly Winks and a canister of pick-up sticks and had quite a nice afternoon while Mom weeded in the garden. We heard the screen door shut quietly so we quickly picked up, put them back in the wardrobe and my sister hid in Dad's closet and I fiegned sleep when Mom came up to check on us.

The next morning my Mom busted us with the news that while Dad was in bed the night before he found something cold and odd and they turned on the light to find a big Tiddly Wink disc. She said "next time will be a trip to the woodshed (meaning spanking). I never got spanked for it and quietly played it many many times after that.....devil aren't I?

Oh how could we ever forget Boob Tubes! One year for Christmas, I'd say I was 7 years old, my sister was then 10 and she found a bag in our big brother's room (he was 17) which had wrapped Christmas gifts in it. Giggling and full of mischief my sister told me about it and we snuck into his room, caaarefully untaped an edge of this present labeled for me, what did we see? "Boob Tube" We instantly stuck it back up and ran out of the room horrified, we thought our brother bought me something to make me have boobs!!!! I dreaded Christmas day when I'd have to face him and I also feared that that's how girls got boobs was by some device...did it hurt? Oh today we ROAR with laughter over this one but we learned a very very valuable lesson... heheheee don't peak unless you're ready for a shock!

I was wondering if they had my first lunchbox I ever had on ebay, I searched, couldn't remember what it was called then I found it. It said "timeless priceless collectable, vintage, year unknown". Well that added to its mystique and probably it's value. Above you'll see my first lunchbox, a Junior Miss tin which came complete with a thermos dated 1969. Guess I'm priceless, vintage and invaluable :)

Don't you just love the good old days?

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Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

You've got a great memory, Kitty!