Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just when you think it's safe to have a little nap...

It's Sunday, a day I hold dear, it's a day devoted to the Lord and service to Him. Part of serving him, as a woman, is to serve her loved ones., I'm a bit ill today and after getting up three times in the night with a screaming lil Nathanael (see ) we decidedly did not make it to church. I hate not going but he has a fever well over 101 and he never fusses or cries. Since he's had roseola for over a week now he's due to feel better so we thought it better to tough it out at home. Well. OK this means more work for Mom! Daddy's sick with the same virus that gave dear Natty the roseola and it's causing him severe pain in his shoulder so yep..sick bay and Mom doesn't get to be sick!!

Now that's ok, I mean, I love my family dearly and I thank God every day that I have my family. I am not only blessed, I mean anyone can say that. I am also truly very lucky. I have such a caring loving husband and really good children and not everyone can say that. I can't say that if my Zoloft runs out, that or my Jolessa. But by and large I am so grateful for them that I am brought to tears of gratitude on a daily basis.

Except for today..I get the screaming Nathanael down for a nap, it's after 2pm and I'm finally getting to eat my lunch. I announce my intentions to have a nice nap when from the other room my dear sweet adoring husband hollers (thus disturbing said napping child) MamAAAAhhh I need my pain meds". I kindly and calmly remind him I gave them to him not 15 minutes ago along with the lemonade. He then remembered thinking the lemonade such a treat that he forgot he took those meds! Then I, myself, manage to drop a glass of water so I have to mop that up. Then the children wonder what's for snack (didn't I just get lunch??). So I opened up some brownies and they each get 3 little bite sized brownies. Though I'm jealous I continue on my quest for that elusive nap. Only to go into the bathroom and find that the toilet is desperately, yet once again, plugged. (Remember? I'd hold a medal for number of times I have to snake the toilet? Huh?? remember that?? lie!). Soooo I fix that then my daughter's baby doll is crying and I need to soothe it. awwww how sweet!

So I finally, nearly an hour later, make my way to my room only to see my computer beckoning me to come in and blog. Perhaps it's a nap I'm not needing so much as quiet time alone to my thoughts...which leads to thoughts of how grateful I am to have this family which is so chaotic and busy that I barely have time to eek out a nap on a Sunday afternoon.

Be grateful for all you have. No matter how much or how little. It's yours and it's a gift.

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