Saturday, August 25, 2007

If only hitting a bouncy ball with the ceiling fan were an Olympic Sport...

My kids would be Gold Medal winners. If there were a trophy for the most things you can stuff down inside the recesses of the sofa, it would be on my mantle, we'd be the defending champs! If I were given a penny for every time I've had to snake the toilet...I'd have a nice retirement account. If awards were handed out for every time I have to make a made dash to thrown on my bra before answering the door, I'd have many.

But.... none of these precious medals adorn my mantle, heck I don't have a mantle and if I did the kids would be swinging off of it and it would've broken off the wall, many a curtain rod stand testiment of that.

What I am awarded with, though, are six very active children, all very happy, healthy and full of it!! Every day they are renewed with energy, not a single one of them has any major affliction. My youngest is seen as handicapped, he has Down Syndrome, but he's not. He is my ambassador of good will, he's my gold medal of honor, he's my hero. Each child, in their own way, delivers something to the experience of motherhood that I cherish, I may not like that my daughter's artistic talents are displayed all over the newly sheetrocked wall...but then, one day that'll be painted over and her work will be but a distant memory. I may not enjoy my two pre-teens attitudes and search for independance BUT this means I'm doing an pretty ok job, they need to think on their own, they need to exert themselves...I just have to keep taking Zoloft....

In the Olympics of Mothorhood I have been given so many rewards and though many of them are evident only in my quickly greying hair they are priceless and cherished way beyond any earthly medal. I am a Mom.

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